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About Security of Personal Computer

The seemingly inexhaustible instances of security threats and virus attacks have made users and consumers increasingly vulnerable, if not wary of the internet. The growing concern about safety and security is, therefore, not without any reason. In fact, a recent survey suggested that the annual expenditure on providing and maintaining security forms the largest spending worldwide, in the space of Information and Technology.

Promoted by CERT India Security of personal Computer acts as a neutral body to disseminate information on security for everyone—from home-users to small businesses to the government and corporate sphere.

Security of Personal Computer aims to create awareness among people and to provide exhaustive information on security so that the users are vigilant and ready to combat the online threats and perils.

What We Do

Security concerns trouble even the most ardent and sophisticated of online users. Security of Personal Computer attempts to address these issues, deliver suggestions and advice on safeguarding security.

Security of Personal Computer, therefore, creates, collates and disseminates information on security and privacy issues. Regular updates on matters of safety and security, downloads, good-to-use tips and suggestions, are some of the features that Security of Personal Computer provides.

Why We Do

Security of Personal Computer undoubtedly wants to inform users of online security and safety. However, that's not all – it is not only about the tools that can best protect users and the small businesses. Nor is it only about the firewalls and the anti-virus software.

Security of Personal Computer wants the users of technology to realize the basic conditions that lead to this threat—ignorance, lack of awareness and implicit trust on all that is presented online. Security of Personal Computer believes that it is time to shed this complacency and move towards an informed world!