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Security Information for Parents

Your children have access to PCs and the Internet almost everywhere they go – at school, the library, friend’s house and also the numerous Internet cafes sprouting up in the city.

Now there are many reasons as to why they use the internet. Firstly, most of their school projects and assignments require them to research and find information on the internet. Apart from this there are so many other reasons like keeping in touch with friends, downloading music, movies, ringtones and everyone’s favorite, play online games! Being computer-savvy also helps them gain the acceptance and admiration of their peers.

For you, the parents, however, it is a Catch-22 situation: The dangers that malicious sites and chat rooms pose are abundant, but not enough to warrant denial of online access. Barring children from using a computer is not an ideal solution either!

Hence, as parents, you need to understand how you can minimize the risks your children face as they log on to the Web. It is a good idea to maintain a list of strict do's & don'ts of online etiquettes and to initiate open, trusting dialogues with your children.

Check List for Parents

  • Take a keen interest in the websites your child visits
  • Set some rules for online behavior and implement them
  • Spend time surfing the Internet together
  • Always keep Internet-ready computers in a family room and not in your child’s bedroom
  • Be aware of the risks and discuss them with your child